An Overview of BOTOX Cosmetic

Did you know BOTOX Cosmetic, made by Allergan, has been FDA approved and safely used in humans since 1989? With very few side effects, it’s one of the safest medications on the market… Even considered safer than aspirin!

BOTOX Cosmetic can treat frown line wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes, as well as pain associated with migraines and jaw grinding. It works as a muscle relaxant preventing wrinkles associated with animation in the upper face. BOTOX Cosmetic is not a “filler”. It will not plump lips or cheeks. It simply relaxes the muscles that we repetitively use that cause wrinkles over time.

BOTOX Cosmetic is priced based on units. Most experienced injectors charge anywhere from $11 – $15 per unit. Like anything else, you get what you pay for with respect to BOTOX Cosmetic injections. There is a proper way to mix BOTOX Cosmetic, as well as a proper way to inject to minimize bruising and to achieve the desired cosmetic affect. We’ve all seen uneven brows or the scared frozen look resulting from lesser experienced injectors! On average, a single treatment site would require approximately 20 units. However, this number varies from patient to patient.

Dr. Byers has performed over 6,000 BOTOX Cosmetic treatments and has trained hundreds of doctors and nurses across the country in the art of BOTOX Cosmetic injection. Whether you’re considering BOTOX Cosmetic for the first time or you’re currently enjoying the benefits BOTOX Cosmetic offers, be sure your next treatment is provided by an EXPERIENCED injector.

Bottom picture is 7 days post BOTOX Cosmetic injections.

BOTOX before BOTOX after


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